Thursday, July 19, 2012

Investor Stakes Life on Gold

Dear readers,

We are celebrating!
It has been two years since we were interviewed by the Windsor Star about our business, and I would just like to re-cap on a few points from the article, "Investor Stakes Life on Gold."
  1. Gold was trading in the $1,200/oz range back then and hit a high of $1,925/oz in 2011 and is now trading in the $1,580/oz range. The bullish trend is still in tact.
  2. Our business has grown by many multiples since 2010 and we expect continued growth in the years ahead. We have introduced new services like the "U-Vault Account" and a successful radio show, "Gold Radio Cafe."
  3. Generally speaking equity markets have returned 3-4% since July 2011 and gold has returned over 30%.
  4. Political, financial and economic conditions around the world are worse now than in 2011, which  builds the case for much higher gold prices in the near future.
  5. We are facing a period in history where the entire monetary system is changing and gold will be the ultimate store of value and safety, as it has always been in troubled times.
Thank you for your continued support to all my valued customers.

Bosko Kacarevic