Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Become My Own "Central Bank?" How Can I Do That?

The U-Vault Account
Is becoming your own "Central Bank" the only safe way to save your wealth? With all the financial problems and corruption in the world, many are looking to safely diversify their assets outside the banking system. The big question is, HOW? 
With the recent LIBOR scandal, MF Global and now HSBC Bank, many are concerned about "return of capital" not "return on capital." So where can one safely store their money outside the banking system and still remain fully liquid if necessary? In a country that has one of the most stable governments and in the world, Canada. Yes, you can become your own "Central Bank" in Canada and have your gold and silver stored in a fully insured vault outside the banking system. As a matter of fact you can diversify your assets around the world and store gold and silver in many different countries like Hong Kong, Switzerland or Israel. The choice is yours to decide. The solution is ours to design. With over 50 years in secure logistics, our vault solutions provider can design a solution to meet your specific needs.
The purpose of our one-of-a-kind U-Vault Account is to address the concerns that many have with owning physical gold or silver bullion. The risk of prices is not the only consideration when it comes to owning gold bullion, but the security risk must also be considered. There are many ways to invest in gold, but very few that offer no counter-party risk and a fully insured start to finish process. Paper gold investments are fine as long as the institution is solvent and the physical gold is fully insured and accounted for. We urge people to review the prospectus of any paper gold holdings you might have and be sure to read the fine print, because you may find that things are not always what they seem?
So if you're looking for a safe solution for your precious metals investment, than please call us and we'd  be happy to work with you on establishing your own "Central Bank."   BK