Friday, July 18, 2014

BRICS Summit VI 2014

Important points about this picture:

  1. Together these five countries are almost half the world's population!
  2. Together these five countries are 1/3 the world's GDP!
  3. All these countries have strong natural resource sectors!
  4. Together India and China are the top two gold consumers in the world!
  5. Together these countries are actively pursuing trade settlement outside the USD!
  6. Russia and Brazil are major energy producers and China is a major energy consumer!
  7. China is a global manufacturing powerhouse!
  8. No USA, Europe or Middle East leaders included! (the oil monopoly/petroUSD is broken)
  9. Together these countries are forming an alternative to the S.W.I.F.T. system!
  10. Together these countries are creating an alternative International Monetary Fund (IMF)!

Get Prepared!

North American and European standards of living have already started to change and chances are it will get worse if you do not prepare yourself.

Chances are that the BRICS will create a new currency reserve that will include a partial gold backing. So this means:
  • have some gold and silver in reserve, NOT cash in a bank account!
  • start liquidating retirement funds and isolate your assets from counterpart risk!
  • become food resourceful, have a garden and storage facilities.
  • diversify assets outside mainstream financial system and USD.
  • get clean water source.
  • learn energy efficient living.
  • get in shape and eat healthy natural foods.
  • build community support.
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