Monday, May 31, 2010

These beautiful gold figurines are now selling in China.

Speculators Grab Gold Faster Than Mines Can Produce It

By Nicholas Larkin, Claudia Carpenter and Millie Munshi - May 24, 2010

Speculators are buying gold faster than the world’s biggest producers can mine it as analysts forecast a 27 percent rally that may extend the longest run of annual gains since at least 1920.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Windsor area mom worries about HST impact

By Jeff Bolichowski, The Windsor Star May 28, 2010 8:22 AM.

WINDSOR, Ont. — Tough decisions are in store for Veronica Penfold when Ontario's harmonized sales tax debuts at the gas pump.
For the single mom from Harrow, driving is a necessity. The nearest store is five kilometres away, and she's got three children to drive to school. LINK...


Witness inflation disguised as taxes. It makes one wonder if the "bail-out" packages and endless government spending have anything to do with an official inflation rate less than 2%? Someone is smoking some cheap tobacco (no offence to the smokers). GCC

Greek Scramble For Physical Brings Gold Price To $1,700 Per Ounce

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/26/2010 17:57 -0500 reports that prices at which the Greek Central Bank is selling one ounce gold equivalents are as high as $1,700 (40% over spot), and prices on the black markets are even higher. The punchline, as Athens slowly returns to a forced gold standard: " A popular spot for street vendors to sell their coins is near the Athens Stock Exchange. LINK...


They say that fashionable trends start in Europe and end in America. Well folks, if gold is selling for 40% above spot in Greece now, and many economists say the financial crisis in Europe will come to America in the near term, then we would suggest buying your gold ASAP while the premiums are still low. Of course our opinion is biased, but we believe we are looking out for the best interests of our clients. GCC

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Will Gold Replace Currencies?

CNBC Europe

Wed. May 26 2010 2:40 AM ET

Gold has reached record highs in recent weeks, but it will continue to go much higher in price, Ben Davies, CEO, Hinde Capital said. Davies said he views gold, not as a commodity, but as a cash supplement. Less developed countries will buy gold to increase reserves, he added. LINK...

Unfortunately the rise of gold brings about a decline of the financial system and most fiat currencies, but for those family dynasties who want to protect their accumulated wealth like the Rockefeller's and the Rothschild's, GOLD is the ultimate currency. As mentioned in the interview, the ultra wealthy always come out of a crisis owning gold, so why not follow their lead? GCC

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Buffalo Gold Coins: 2010 Mint Just Released!

This beautiful and rare coin is in high demand. We have limited quantities (2,400) available, so if you are interested please call and book your order today. Based on $1,213 spot gold we are selling them for only $1,329.
Historically Unique - The American Buffalo Gold Coins are the only 24-karat gold coins ever struck by the United States Mint.
Extremely Low Mintages - Historically speaking the American Buffalo one ounce sizes are 7.5 times rarer than American Eagles. Collectors always prefer rarer and higher quality coins.
Rising Gold Demand - In a hot Gold market, American Buffalos are sure to be highly sought after by both investors and collectors making them easy to sell for years to come.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Melt Up: National Inflation Association

A MUST see video...

Dear readers,

This is a very well presented documentary that will give you an objective view of what is in store for the future of the global economy. Please do not view this as fear mongering, but simply a presentation of facts that need to be addressed very quickly. It is our belief that eventually the western world will come to its senses and make the proper changes necessary to stabilize and grow our economies, in REAL economic terms. However during this period of adjustment we will have to struggle through some rough times and much higher gold and commodity prices.

For those of you who struggle with the idea of owning gold because mainstream financial media is always discounting the idea of gold as an investment, when compared to stocks, bonds and mutual funds, please consider the following:
  • Gold has been a store of wealth and value for over 5000 years, have any of your stocks or mutual funds been around that long?
  • Gold is NOT a company or a fund so it can NEVER go bankrupt or be worth ZERO. Can any company or fund claim this?
  • Gold is "MONEY" that has NO debt attached to it, can any government currency or company say this?
  • Gold cannot be created out of thin air, unlike all fiat paper currencies that governments issue today.
  • If central banks around the world always have some gold stashed away, why should YOU be any different?
  • There is always the right time and wrong time to convert a persons assets into gold (notice I didn't say invest). Over the last ten years it has obviously been the right time because of economic conditions and we believe the current conditions are far worse, and people should be converting even more assets into gold than before.

Folks, at the core of it all GOLD is really financial insurance not an investment. It should be viewed as something that will maintain your standard of living during economic uncertainty. The best way to view gold is to ask yourself, "what can I buy with one ounce of gold today (after it's coverted to any global currency) that I could have bought 20, 30 or 100 years ago?" You will find that one ounce of gold will afford you the same quantity of goods and services throughout history. Show me a government issued currency that has been used for the exchange of goods as long as gold, and I'll show you a pig that can fly.


DISCLOSURE: Gold Coins Canada (hereinafter GCC) and/or any of our emlpoyees do not have any type of financial or otherwise relationship with the National Inflation Association. GCC does not receive any type of compensation or funding for posting their video. GCC or its employees are not members of their publication.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chinese Dumping Worthless Paper Currency For Gold

Think about this folks, the Chinese have absorbed much of our manufacturing industry and received paper currency in return. So they are producing for paper currency and now converting it to gold, while we are consuming on credit and government debt that can never be paid back? It doesn't sound like a healthy economic out come for us? LINK...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Central Bank to issue 5kg gold coin

Published 18 May, 2010, 16:37

The Russian Central Bank has announced that it will issue a 5-kilogragm gold coin in honor of the 150 anniversary of the Bank of Russia.
From June 12, the gold coin will be available for sale in commercial banks, said Central Bank Money Circulation Director, Aleksandr Yurov.
“The anniversary of the Central Bank is on the 12th of June, after that date the coin will go into commercial banks.” LINK...

Dow Theorist Richard Russell: Sell Everything Liquid, You Won't Recognize America By The End Of The Year

Joe Weisenthal May. 18, 2010, 8:57 AM

Just as for years I asked, cajoled, insisted, threatened, demanded, that my subscribers buy gold, I am now insisting, demanding, begging my subscribers to get OUT of stocks (including C and BYD, but not including golds) and get into cash or gold (bullion if possible). If the two Averages violate their May 7 lows, I see a major crash as the outcome. Pul - leeze, get out of stocks now, and I don't give a damnwhether you have paper losses or paper profits! LINK...

Keiser Report w/ Jim Rogers – Banks! Bailouts! Scandals!

A MUST SEE VIDEO for those interested in gold.

Max Keiser in his classic candid reporting talks about gold as the asset of last resort, naked short selling and bank bailouts with legendary investor Jim Rogers. LINK...

Goodman's Cohen Says Gold May Rise for `Several Decades'

Bloomberg News May 17, 2010

Cohen talks about the correlation of gold with global money supply, Europe's crisis and says that if this bull market in gold were to end today, it would be the shortest gold bull market in history. He says that this financial crisis took 25 years to develop and it's not an easy fix or an over night solution. LINK...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rob McEwen: Gold $2,000 by Years End!

In this surprising interview on CNBC, Rob McEwen who has extensive experience in gold mining says that we will see $2,000 gold by years end and $5,000 by the end of the cycle in 2012 to 2014. Rob is a highly respected and successful mining CEO, who has been correctly predicting the gold price since 2000. LINK...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Worst is NOT Over, says Nassim Taleb

May 14, 2010

In this eye-opening interview Mr. Taleb explains why the 2008 crash is just the beginning and that fundamentally the system is MORE fragile now than it was two years ago. He believes our politicians and regulators do not understand the problem and they are making it worse. Near the end of the interview Mr. Taleb talks about what people should do with their money to be safe. GCC

Thursday, May 13, 2010

JP Morgan: Gold Could Now Face "Unlimited" Demand

May 13, 2010 10:12am EDT by Vincent Fernando,

JP Morgan’s John Bridges believes the latest breakout for gold was a huge positive sign for the metal.
Euro weakness fears, coupled with dollar weakness fears, could lead to an enormous amount of demand:
JP Morgan:
A German banker once told us that gold normally trades like a commodity. However, when investors lose confidence in currencies, because the pool of gold is so much smaller than the pool of currencies, demand for gold can effectively become unlimited. We believe the European version of “QE” is generating serious currency worries and led today to the breakout of the gold price above the previous intraday high at $1,226/oz. LINK...

Jim Rickards on KWN talks about the IMF meeting and a world currency

Eye opening interview with Jim Rickards as he talks about the IMF and their intention of issuing a "global currency" and questions their accountability. Jim also says that recent events are the catalyst for gold to hit $2,000/oz in the near term. LINK...


Folks, after listening to Jim's interview it really sets the stage for much higher gold and commodity prices in general because when you realize that the financial system is just shuffling paper in different forms to drive the market it is like a house of cards. There is NO tangible value. We believe that people are starting to flock to REAL investments, that you can hold in your hand. Whether it's gold, silver, soybeans or timber people are looking for true value not just a piece of paper that is a promise to pay. GCC

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Austrian Mint Says Gold Sales Soar on Panic Buys

Wed, 12th May 2010 14:49

By Boris Groendahl VIENNA, May 12 (Reuters) - The Austrian Mint, which produces the popular Philharmonic gold coin, sold more gold in the two weeks from April 26 than in the entire first quarter of the year because of soaring demand in Europe, it said on Wednesday. The mint sold 243,500 ounces of gold in coins and bars in that period, compared to 205,000 ounces in the entire first three months of the year, marketing director Kerry Tattersall told Reuters in a phone interview. 'Demand is exclusively from Europe, we haven't had any orders from the United States and Asia in the last few weeks,' Tattersall said. 'That's a clear sign that there is panic buying because of concerns about Greece and the euro.' LINK...

Most Europeans understand that Gold is a safe haven currency because they have the cultural history to back it and they understand currency fluctuation much better than most westerners. For the elderly in Germany, they can still recall what it means to have hyper-inflation. During the Weimar Republic people were carting wheel barrels of paper money to buy a loaf of bread. GCC

Is there any Gold in Fort Knox?

Congressman Ron Paul talks to Lew Rockwell about the global economy, the Federal Reserve and Gold. Mr. Paul says that Gold is now acting like it should, the ultimate money and safe haven investment. LINK...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Today you can BREAK a country and you don't even need money, says Jim Rickards.

Compliments of Zero Hedge.

Jim Rickards, who recently has gotten massive media exposure on everything from the JPM Silver manipulation scandal, to the Greek default, was back on CNBC earlier with one of the most fascinating insights we have yet heard from anyone, which demonstrates beyond a doubt why any attempt by Europe to print its way out of its current default is doomed: "Look at what Soros did to the Bank of England in 1992 - he went after them, they had a finite amount of dollars, he was selling sterling and taking the dollars, and they were buying the sterling and selling the dollars to defend the peg. All he had to do was sell more than they had and he wins. But he needed real money to do that. Today you can break a country, you don't need money you just need synthetic euroshorts or CDS. LINK...


These days it definately pays well to screw up, especially if you're a BIG bank or a country. You'd think it would be much cheaper to help out a few small business so they could keep people employed, but I guess that wouldn't be news worthy? GCC

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wall Street A House of Cards?

Phony derivatives, fraud, corruption and paid off politicans!

Dylan Ratigan explains the sharp drop in the markets and says there is NO real market, but rather a house of cards run by sell side banks and high-frequency trading. LINK...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Breaking Interview on KWN with Jim Sinclair

Physical market has smashed gold paper, Sinclair tells King World News

Submitted by cpowell on 06:46PM ET Thursday, May 6, 2010. Section: Daily Dispatches 9:40p ET Thursday, May 6, 2010
Mr. Sinclair explains the gold rally and the market decline on King World News. LINK...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

CNBC Questions Rickards on Gold and Silver

Jim Rickards says, it's 8th grade math, just look at the numbers: debt-to-GDP, U.S. money supply etc.
Gold has to go to $5,000/oz. LINK...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Canadian Economist--Rosenberg and the case for $3,000 Gold

David Rosenberg of Guskin-Sheff
May 5, 2010

In the interim, the ECB has been forced to water down its charter as it permits sub-investment grade Greek bonds as collateral. Sadly, the central bank is not a remake of the Bundesbank and the Euro is less of a “hard currency” than its architects could have ever envisaged a decade ago. Now there is talk that the ECB is contemplating a quantitative easing plan (see ECB Should Resist QE Siren Call on page C14 of the WSJ). The case for gold heading to $3,000 an ounce is getting stronger by the day. The Euro has already broken below 1.30 to the U.S. dollar and there is plenty of room for additional decline going forward. It’s only at a one-year low — wait until it moves to a decade low. Read more: LINK...


Understanding the rise in gold is NOT about the rise in gold, but the loss of confidence in the U.S. dollar and other fiat paper currencies. At the end of all this madness people will flock to an investment that has maintained it's "INTRINSIC" value throughout history and that investment will be gold and silver. It is hands down the best performing asset class over the last decade, NO QUESTION! The important thing to realize is that the fundamentals driving gold higher are even stronger now than they were in 2001. GCC

Gold funds shine once again in April

Vikram Barhat / May 04, 2010

Precious metal funds posted best returns in April as markets see-sawed over the Greek debt crisis, according to preliminary performance data released by Morningstar Canada.
"Government debt and related currency concerns helped boost the price of gold and other commodities," said Esko Mickels, fund analyst for Morningstar Canada.
With 12.2% return, Morningstar Precious Metals Equity Fund Index proved to be the best performer for the second time in the past three months, the report said. Thirty-six of the 43 Morningstar Canada Fund Indices had positive returns in April, though 22 of them gained less than 1%. LINK...


As the problems persist in the Euro zone, many currencies will be volatile. As we posted last week on April 29, take a look at the comparison of gold to various global currencies and you'll find that gold has out-performed all of them. It is becoming evident that gold will become the currency of last resort. GCC

Monday, May 3, 2010

The "Oracle of Omaha" Warren Buffet is worried about currencies holding their value.

May 1, 2010, 1:08 p.m. EDT

Buffett bearish on currencies holding value
Greek crisis will produce 'high drama,' Berkshire chairman predicts.

OMAHA , Neb. (MarketWatch) -- Warren Buffett said Saturday that he's bearish about the ability of all currencies to hold their value over time because of massive deficits being run up by governments in the wake of the global financial crisis. LINK...


Mr. Buffett does not make these type of comments unless he sees serious trouble ahead. As we have been saying with the help of our experienced mentors and resources, the economic problems are far from over and the best way to protect your assets is with Gold and Silver. GCC

Saturday, May 1, 2010

ANGRY Americans March on Wall Street

If only people would read their history they would realize, "Too Big To Fail" is just a fantasy because when the true voice of America is united then nothing can stop it. Fraud against the citizens of a country has occurred many times in history and this will be no different. It's the classic David and Goliath story, after much pain and sufferring the people will win in the end. GCC