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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cyberattacks 'Huge Security Issue' for the US: PNC CEO

By: Javier E. David
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Computer hackers and other foreign adversaries pose an increasingly grave challenge to the U.S. banking system, PNC Financial Services CEO James Rohr told CNBC Thursday, adding that growing cyberthreats “could really disrupt this country.”
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

NEW Gold IRA Trust Accounts

Dear readers,

The demand for gold and silver continues and many of our USA clients have requested moving their retirement assets into physical gold and silver bullion coins and bars. In order to meet our customer demands we have met the challenge and we would like to introduce our NEW GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM and PALLADIUM retirement accounts for IRA's. For more information please watch the video in the top right corner of the website or just contact us directly.

Thank you and we look forward to helping all our clients protect their retirement with the best legacy assets in the history of the world, gold and silver.

Bosko Kacarevic

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How About a Fort Knox of Your Own?

Mining stocks were not for him, and neither was buying gold on the futures exchange. That was financial gold, meaning it existed on account statements but was not tangible. He wanted the real thing, gold in the form of bullion that he could hold in his palms, smudge with his thumbs.   LINK...
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Monday, November 5, 2012

China a Gold Bullion Superpower

As rumors fly that leading Western economies have exhausted their gold hoards, China has become the world's biggest gold producer while also discretely accumulating bullion reserves.   LINK...

A double whammy for the USD. China leading with gold and Russia with oil. What's left for the USA? This is not a pretty picture.   BK

Russia emerges as top Crude Oil producer ahead of Saudi Arabia in 2012 | | 3

Russia emerges as top Crude Oil producer ahead of Saudi Arabia in 2012 | | 3

The USD "petro-dollar" is coming to an end. They had a good run at it but the game is over. With no gold backing and the BRICS nations moving out of the USD as a reserve currency, means the end for the dominant USD. No wonder the FED is monetizing debt with QE, no one else will buy it.   BK