Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Food Prices Rising as Drought Continues

In the latest issue of The International Forecaster, Vincent Finelli comments on the drought in the midwest.

Drought - Panic in the Midwest
By Vincent Finelli
What you are about to read is real and frightening. The mainstream media is just beginning to cover the drought. Here in the
Midwest, farmers such as I, are in serious trouble. The weather conditions are so hot and so dry that the ponds that provide water
for our livestock are completely dry or drying up. Vibrant streams and creeks have disappeared. Springs that have provided clean fresh water for both man and animals for generations have stopped.
The hay production this year was 25% of last year's. Normally farmers are able to cut and bale hay twice per season. It is necessary to feed cattle over the winter when the grass stops growing or is covered with snow. For most farmers, there will be no significant second cutting and baling of hay this year. That means the hay supply for the year will be about 12% of what it was last year.
Farmers are selling their herds at fire sale prices – at prices that are about half of what they were four months ago. This rush to sell herds is because they cannot feed them. With only a 25% hay crop, and no green grass for grazing, farmers have used much of their winter supply already to keep their cattle alive.

Become Your Own Central Bank
By:  Bosko Kacarevic

For those that are in retirement and on a fixed income, be prepared for a much higher cost of living. If you have savings in paper money, GIC's, Certified Deposits or any other "guaranteed" certificate, please consider the U-Vault Account which is fully insured to the value of your gold and silver, whether it's $1million or $100million, much better than FDIC or CDIC deposit insurance. Due to the fact that many international bankers are now forced to classify gold as a "Tier 1" risk free asset , your retirement savings are much safer in gold bullion than in the banks paper promises, which by the way do not keep pace with inflation and the cost of living. Any guaranteed money is never a guarantee that food and energy prices will not rise, so why bother putting your savings in a paper instrument that is guaranteed to lose? A much better strategy is to have retirement reserves in gold and silver which have kept up with inflation for thousands of years.  MORE...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Gold Radio Cafe

Jeff Dunphy:  viatao@gmail.com

The Solution is, The U-Vault Account

More and more talk about restoring Glass-Steagall and gold as a savings alternative to cash. Our Gold U-Vault Account is better than FDIC or CDIC insurance because it has practically no limit. If you deposit $1 million or $100 million in gold or silver then it's FULLY insured in the vault. Please call for more details today.   BK

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Become My Own "Central Bank?" How Can I Do That?

The U-Vault Account
Is becoming your own "Central Bank" the only safe way to save your wealth? With all the financial problems and corruption in the world, many are looking to safely diversify their assets outside the banking system. The big question is, HOW? 
With the recent LIBOR scandal, MF Global and now HSBC Bank, many are concerned about "return of capital" not "return on capital." So where can one safely store their money outside the banking system and still remain fully liquid if necessary? In a country that has one of the most stable governments and in the world, Canada. Yes, you can become your own "Central Bank" in Canada and have your gold and silver stored in a fully insured vault outside the banking system. As a matter of fact you can diversify your assets around the world and store gold and silver in many different countries like Hong Kong, Switzerland or Israel. The choice is yours to decide. The solution is ours to design. With over 50 years in secure logistics, our vault solutions provider can design a solution to meet your specific needs.
The purpose of our one-of-a-kind U-Vault Account is to address the concerns that many have with owning physical gold or silver bullion. The risk of prices is not the only consideration when it comes to owning gold bullion, but the security risk must also be considered. There are many ways to invest in gold, but very few that offer no counter-party risk and a fully insured start to finish process. Paper gold investments are fine as long as the institution is solvent and the physical gold is fully insured and accounted for. We urge people to review the prospectus of any paper gold holdings you might have and be sure to read the fine print, because you may find that things are not always what they seem?
So if you're looking for a safe solution for your precious metals investment, than please call us and we'd  be happy to work with you on establishing your own "Central Bank."   BK

China's Move into Gold and Silver Part of Global Monetary Plan

China's underlying financial policy is to sideline the U.S. dollar and build its domestic metals inventories, notably of gold and silver and using these to replace its huge dollar surpluses while prices are cheap.    LINK...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

China Gold Trading Ring Took Billions

By An Baijie in Zhengzhou ( China Daily)
Police in Central China's Henan province rounded up 33 people suspected of illegal gold-futures trading in a case involving more than 5,000 investors and at least 380 billion yuan($59.62 billion).
The suspectswho had been trading since October 2008, had never registered with industrialand commercial authoritiesas required by the lawsaid Guo Congbindirector of Luoyangpublic security bureauon Tuesday.   LINK...

Another case of paper promises gone bad. Physical gold with no counter-party risk is the only safety.   BK

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Investor Stakes Life on Gold

Dear readers,

We are celebrating!
It has been two years since we were interviewed by the Windsor Star about our business, and I would just like to re-cap on a few points from the article, "Investor Stakes Life on Gold."
  1. Gold was trading in the $1,200/oz range back then and hit a high of $1,925/oz in 2011 and is now trading in the $1,580/oz range. The bullish trend is still in tact.
  2. Our business has grown by many multiples since 2010 and we expect continued growth in the years ahead. We have introduced new services like the "U-Vault Account" and a successful radio show, "Gold Radio Cafe."
  3. Generally speaking equity markets have returned 3-4% since July 2011 and gold has returned over 30%.
  4. Political, financial and economic conditions around the world are worse now than in 2011, which  builds the case for much higher gold prices in the near future.
  5. We are facing a period in history where the entire monetary system is changing and gold will be the ultimate store of value and safety, as it has always been in troubled times.
Thank you for your continued support to all my valued customers.

Bosko Kacarevic

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hong Kong U-Vault Account

Today, another client picked-up their gold successfully in the Hong Kong vault. It was shipped fully insured and secure from Toronto, Canada. 
The U-Vault Account is gaining popularity with its one-of-a-kind service. We have now safely and securely shipped gold over seas to many locations including Hong Kong and Switzerland. For more information please call 519-915-7542.  BK

Monday, July 16, 2012

FDIC to Classify Gold as a 0% Risk Weighted Asset

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Importance of LIBOR Explained

Listen closely to what he's saying. This is exactly why we need a stable benchmark in the financial industry. Money must have a tangible reference of value, something physical to measure against. Not a price that is determined by any one individual or group. A consistant unit of measure is essential for a successful medium of exchange. It cannot be something that is created at the will of politicians. Imagine building a house when all the tradesmen use a different unit of measure? It will never work. Historically gold has been this unit of measure for value because of it's natural properties. It is rare, uniform, indestructible, safely storable, recognizable and easily divisible into uniform units. Gold has all the perfect characteristics to perform as a medium of exchange or money! It has out lasted every bank, stock market, currency and government that has ever existed. It will always be the ultimate winner when the financial system is at risk. This is an axiom not an opinion.  BK

Get Ready For Gold's Seasonal Strength

Special to The Globe & Mail

The period of seasonal strength for gold bullion is approaching.
Thackray’s 2012 Investor’s Guide notes that the optimal time to invest in gold bullion for a seasonal trade is from July 12 to Oct. 9. The trade has been profitable during 11 of the past 14 periods. During the past 25 periods, gold bullion has outperformed the S&P 500 Index by 4.7 per cent per period.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gold Up 1.5 Percent

(Reuters) - Gold prices rose 1.5 percent to a two-week high on Tuesday, as signs of a slowing U.S. economy fuelled investors' expectation that central banks around the world will introduce new monetary stimulus. LINK...

Gold vs Paper Money

By Simon Jack
Business correspondent, BBC News

A popular solution to the financial crisis has been to print more money, but is there another way of fixing our economy? Would the financial system be more stable if each pound, dollar or euro in our pocket was once again backed by gold? LINK...