Tuesday, January 29, 2013

End of the Road

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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Truth of Musical Chairs

From a client and fellow Truth seeker... BK
Hi Bosko

Just wanted to share with you something I just posted for my friends on FB, tangentical to your line of work.

I hardly know where to begin this, or whether it will proceed toward an orderly end. For you see, I've just come to the conclusion that what lies between the past and future, the events which we call the “moment,” are nothing more than will-o'-the-wisps, a phantasmagorical soup of so many ingredients that we can no longer discern what it's made up of. Metaphorically, of course, I'm speaking of truth, or rather, of Truth, the capitalized one, and the virtual disappearance of it from our conscious existence.

Okay, so it sounds a little wacky, but bear with me.

Truth, you see, is nowhere to be seen. Nowhere. I know,.I've looked all over for it, even beneath my couch cushions. Oh, don't get me wrong, I did find lots of the lower case truths (and some old doggie biscuits stashed there by my dog, Phoebe), but no Truths. Let's admit it: we're besieged, befuddled, besotted by truths. Just look at today's headlines in Yahoo Finance. “Political ideology blocking good policy,” screams one. There you go. No longer do we need to wonder why the world's all f*&%$# up. It's damn political ideology throwing chains and what-nots into the gears and cogs of policy! And another headline informs us: “Stocks Rise on Expectations Policy Makers Will Act On Crisis.” There you go! Now I know exactly why stocks rose today: policy makers are going to act! Yippie!


Look at those two headlines. One says that we don't have good policy because political ideology hampers such, and the other headline says that stocks rose because we expect policy makers to act (presumably in a prudent and beneficial manner). I guess they'll just iron out that “political ideology” stuff pronto. And, so, there's the crux of the matter: two “truths” given to me, and they're diametrically opposed. Ergo, no Truth.

Nowhere did I read, “Gold, Silver Down On Blatant Manipulation, Justice Department to Subpoena JP Morgan/HSBC Insiders.” Also missing from the electronic front page of MSM is any critical analysis of our monetary system, and how its very structural make-up leads inevitably, mathematically, to the absolute certainty of unsustainable debt.

So, then, I must be going mad. That must be it. The evidence is all too clear. I picture myself unwittingly thrust into a game of musical chairs. The atmosphere is festive, although I'm not quite sure what the occasion is. The expectation and energy in the air crackles sharp as a ginger graham snapped in two. The game is about to begin. Spectators, masked and bedecked in jewels and finery of almost celestial origin, ring the participants. The lights dim suddenly, and the music starts.

Around and around we go. I don't quite know the tune; odd but somewhat familiar. The on-lookers are laughing uproariously, and I can't figure out why. The music plays. And plays. And plays. Just as I'm beginning to think it might never stop, it does. A mad scramble ensues. But to our horror, we realize that there are no chairs on the floor. We were circling nothing at all! The laughter is deafening. I realize then that the only winner is the music-maker; all the participants lose. And that, by golly, is our folly and foe.

Yeah, it's a metaphor for something, but I won't spell it out for you. What I will say is that it's important to keep looking for Truth, because when the music stops, you'll need some place to plant that fanny of yours. Hopefully something solid and intrinsically valuable. Is it any wonder that kings and queens construct their thrones with silver and gold?

Well, that's it. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Take care, 
Dan from Windsor

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