Friday, May 30, 2014

War and Gold



A great interview on the history and importance of gold in the financial world and the building of empires. History shows that empires were built on the backs of gold, the royal families and central banks of the world all have gold in reserve. 
How mainstream media can discount gold as a primary asset class with a straight face is beyond me?  BK

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Central Bankers Moving Towards Gold

19 May 2014 - ECB and other central banks announce the fourth Central Bank Gold Agreement.  (Read more)

In the interest of clarifying their intentions with respect to their gold holdings, the signatories of the fourth CBGA issue the following statement:
  • Gold remains an important element of global monetary reserves;
  • The signatories will continue to coordinate their gold transactions so as to avoid market disturbances;
  • The signatories note that, currently, they do not have any plans to sell significant amounts of gold;
  • This agreement, which applies as of 27 September 2014, following the expiry of the current agreement, will be reviewed after five years.
If not ALL, most Central Banks around the world have gold in reserve, WHY not YOU! 
Many financial planners don't even know that you can own physical gold and silver in private vaults that are fully insured. If these Central Bankers see the writing on the wall of bad things to come, and are moving their reserves to gold, then I think it would be a smart thing to do and follow their lead.  BK

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Signs That The Gold Low Is Approaching

"Gold is not on the radar for many, and with broad expectations that prices will be range-bound this year, many investors are opting to stay out of this market," UBS wrote. "That is probably gold's biggest positive right now."  (Read more...)
A wise man once said, "prepare for the unexpected."   BK

Monday, May 5, 2014

Heraeus Weekly Market Report

1kg Silver Bars .9999 Fine
In the course of the reporting period silver was the “biggest loser” of all precious metals and saw a low of 18.82 $/oz on Thursday, hence falling below the mark of 19 $/oz given very low liquidity. The last time the price traded at these levels was in the beginning of 2014. However, the metal once again jumped over the mark of 19 $/oz. Since silver suffered more significantlosses than gold, the gold-silver ratio climbed above 67, which corresponds to a level last seen in August 2010. It is therefore not surprising that we have seen increased industrial demand due to lower prices. We assume that the industrial demand will at least support the price. This week, the focus lies on the eurozone’s retail sales, the U.S. Redbook (both Tuesday) as well as theECB meeting (Thursday).  (Read more)


SILVER, The Best Investment On The Planet!

Minted Silver Bullion Coins .9999 Fine
What is the first principle of investing? BUY low, SELL high. Since the high in 1980 of $50/oz, silver is now the cheapest thing on the planet, trading below $20/oz. Ask yourself this simple question; Do you know of ANYTHING that is lower in price since 1980? Not food, not energy, not real estate, not technology, not the stock market  and surely not ANY other precious metal or base metal for that matter. So what does that tell us? There is some strange inefficiency in the silver market that will eventually work itself out. And when it does, silver will explode to the upside.
For silver to keep pace with the other precious metals using 1980's high compared to today, silver has to trade at about $80/oz, and it's now trading at about $20/oz. That's 4 times your money or 300% return on investment. Not bad for a tangible investment with a long track performing as honest money.  BK