Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Food Prices Rising as Drought Continues

In the latest issue of The International Forecaster, Vincent Finelli comments on the drought in the midwest.

Drought - Panic in the Midwest
By Vincent Finelli
What you are about to read is real and frightening. The mainstream media is just beginning to cover the drought. Here in the
Midwest, farmers such as I, are in serious trouble. The weather conditions are so hot and so dry that the ponds that provide water
for our livestock are completely dry or drying up. Vibrant streams and creeks have disappeared. Springs that have provided clean fresh water for both man and animals for generations have stopped.
The hay production this year was 25% of last year's. Normally farmers are able to cut and bale hay twice per season. It is necessary to feed cattle over the winter when the grass stops growing or is covered with snow. For most farmers, there will be no significant second cutting and baling of hay this year. That means the hay supply for the year will be about 12% of what it was last year.
Farmers are selling their herds at fire sale prices – at prices that are about half of what they were four months ago. This rush to sell herds is because they cannot feed them. With only a 25% hay crop, and no green grass for grazing, farmers have used much of their winter supply already to keep their cattle alive.

Become Your Own Central Bank
By:  Bosko Kacarevic

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