Monday, January 9, 2012

The Psychology of Gold

Yes that's very nice Professor, HOWEVER, one thing is for "certain," gold has outlasted every government, currency, stock market, bank or financial institution that has ever existed. It remains the only true unit of measure for wealth because of it's natural composition. It cannot be destroyed, counterfeit, corroded or just created on a balance sheet like fiat paper currency. It's very rare, evenly divisible, fungible, transportable, it requires hard physical labour to produce and is recognized as money around the world. People go to gold because they lose trust and confidence in paper assets, and lately I don't blame them. It's NOT about gold, it's about a system gone mad.
Yes there is a physical attractiveness to it and this is why it's used in jewellery, but so are diamonds and rubies, and you don't see central banks around the world holding diamonds in reserve do you? People can put any spin they want on gold, the facts speak for themselves. GOLD is everlasting wealth and there is a reason why the great powers of history treasure it!   BK