Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jim Rogers: Abolish the FED

An old interview but relevant this week as the FED clearly states they plan to keep interest rates low and basically keep printing money to bailout who ever?
It still amazes me that these commentators continue to support these money printing policies, because they must be shopping and buying gas just like everyone else, and don't they see prices rising?
400 POINTS on the DOW! Big deal Maria, it's not like the DOW did it on it's own fundamentals! It's CHEATING! It's easy to make a company look good if they have endless supplies of money and credit. It's not as if the companies in the DOW performed better because they sold more units or developed a better product. It wasn't based on ingenuity or production, it was a "BAILOUT," because they failed! This is nothing to be proud of? The system has FAILED, it is broken and it continues to move along because the FED is creating money to keep it going. Like Jim says, "this is not good for the world."   BK