Saturday, October 1, 2016

Renminbi Joins SDR Basket

Dear readers,

A milestone event occurred today as the Chinese Renminbi was officially included in the IMF's SDR basket, and we have not seen gold or silver make any huge rallies these past few weeks? This raises many questions regarding gold and silver and the equities markets in general:

  • What will happen on Monday?
  • Is this event already "baked in the cake."
  • Does this have anything to do with the Deutsche Bank collapse?
  • Who lost a portion of the SDR pie to let the RMB in, or did the pie just get bigger?
  • Is the RMB a quasi gold-backed currency?
  • Is the 2016 gold and silver rally due to this event and will it deflate going forward?
  • What was the secret deal China made to be allowed in the "good-ol-boys" club?
  • Will China forgive US dept and call it a wash?

Seems like the games they play never end. So how are we going to protect our wealth from the constant games "THEY" play with the currencies and the financial markets? 

You take away their balls!

Remember back in the playground when your little brother wanted to play soccer with the big boys and you didn't let him because he was too small and he might get hurt. So what did the little boy do?
He grabbed the ball and ran away with it. Now no one can play THE GAME!
Why do you think a banks BIGGEST fear is a "bank run?" Because that's when the game ends, they have no balls to play with. And the same applies to your stock broker. Without your money in a stock brokerage account, there is no game!

What I'm trying to say here folks is, these shenanigans in the global financial markets will never end until you remove your money or stocks from their control. This is the ONLY way the truth will come out and REAL MONEY, GOLD will emerge as the winner.

This is the true purpose for using the DRS system, and we have the best solution for you.

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Bosko Kacarevic