Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gold Confiscation Started In 2006

"Fools Gold" In The 21st Century And The "New And Improved" Gold Confiscation Swindle
by Bosko Kacarevic

April 5, 1933 President Roosevelt announced Executive Order 6102 forbidding the hoarding of Gold Coin, Gold Bullion and Gold Certificates. Back then the USD was technically backed by gold, up until 1971 when President Nixon closed the Gold Window completely. Now the USD is a "fiat" paper currency backed by the full "faith and credit" of the US Government. Just saying that gives me chills. "Faith" in the USA is now questionable? "Credit" is definitely out of control with a national debt of over $16 TRILLION that will never be paid, not to mention the unfunded liabilities.
So the question is, will the USA confiscate your gold again? Ask yourself this: Is there a gold standard? Can the US FED just print the money they need? What is considered the global reserve currency today? As you can see there is absolutely no need for them to confiscate your gold when they can just create the money they need to operate, and that's exactly what they've been doing. What do you think TARP, QE, Stimulus and all the bailouts are all about? 
The angle that many gold commentators seem to overlook is the fact that governments and Central Banks around the world have no need to confiscate your gold because they can easily "confiscate your wealth" by expanding the money supply. It's really that simple. 
Now, here's the new and improved GOLD SWINDLE and the Fools Gold of the 21st Century. In my opinion, governments along with the help of banks have been confiscating your gold since about 2006 with the birth of paper gold, electronic gold, ETF's, ETR's and so on. Think about it? What do you really think these new derivatives of physical gold bullion really are? It's gold confiscation, because the money that you intended to invest in physical gold bullion is now in the "custody" of the banks, which really control the government, in my opinion anyway. The fundamental reason for owning gold to protect your wealth is backfiring. All you're doing by investing in paper gold is allowing THEM to continue "gaming the system."  So, you gold investors out there who are frustrated with the volatility in gold and tired of waiting for the BIG move, then get your money out of the banks custody and take the physical gold bullion out of the system. It seems that people have become so conditioned that the government doesn't even have to demand your gold with an Executive Order anymore. All they have to do is create a fancy new financial product that makes it "easy" to own gold. Let me tell you folks, real gold is anything but easy to own. Just ask a miner, refiner or a gold dealer like myself. First you have to find it, dig it out, refine it, store it, insure it, inspect it and protect it by any means possible. Remember that old saying, "if it's easy to get, then it's probably not worth having." Even in the 21st Century, "FOOLS GOLD" still exists in paper or electronic form, take your pick, it's easy, but don't complain when it's gone.
Folks, gold is never easy to own, otherwise it wouldn't be GOLD!