Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Windsor Utilities and Cost of Living

Dear readers,

Just an update on the rising cost of living and home utilities.
In my case, here in Windsor from July to August.

  • Natural Gas Bill:  +6.3%   (9.74/CM to 10.07/CM)
  • Electricity Bill:     +17.3% (0.075/kWh to 0.088/kWh)
  • Water Bill:           +10.8%  (0.297/CM to 0.329.CM)
Add this to the rising cost of food, according to the FAO, up 6% since June, and you get a much higher inflation number than the official 2%?
Solution: BE FRUGAL, start a garden, conserve energy(I don't mean solar), stop investing in retirement accounts and buy gold and silver related assets. Then... wish for the best, because what's coming is not pretty.   BK