Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Silver Represents Your Labour or $960/oz

Here's an interesting video sent to us from a valued client.
A perspective on true value and labour. People work hard in exchange for paper money because they hope it maintains its value in the future so they can build a better life. Honest money is supposed to be a "store of value" this is why people save it in the first place. But if your paper money is losing "value" while prices of goods and services are rising then the paper money is not performing as it should. Therefore you must go to a fair medium of exchange that cannot be created out of thin air by central banks and governments, thus reducing the value of your labour. Think about it... you work hard for the paper money you receive but central banks can just create that same money by pressing a button on a computer, and POOF, they just reduced the value of you labour. The only honest and fair exchange for your labour is gold and silver because central banks and governments cannot just create it out of thin air. There must be hard labour that go into producing an ounce of gold or silver. The intrinsic "value" is built into the metal itself for eternity. This is why gold and silver are considered the "ultimate store of value" and medium of exchange. It's an exchange of hard labour for hard money.  BK