Monday, September 12, 2011

Since 9/11, It Has Paid to Own Silver, Gold and Oil

From: The Wall Street Journal

The best performing asset class of the past decade has been silver, up more than 900%, from $4.16 an ounce to nearly $42 at last check. Gold has been a healthy second, up nearly 568%, from about $272 an ounce to about $1854.
Crude-oil, which everybody expected to be a big winner after Sept. 11, has gained, though not as much as gold and silver, rising 225%, from less than $28 a barrel to about $86.
The biggest post-9/11 losers have been the US dollar, European stock markets and financial stocks in the S&P 500. The best-performing sector in the S&P over this time has been the energy sector, up 128%.   LINK...
And yet portfolio managers around the world are less than 1% invested in Gold/Silver related assets. What will happen when these managers start looking for a better return on capital?   BK