Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gold is Laughing at Us

By: John Carney
Senior Editor,

“Gold has proven to be a superman investment. It can leap over buildings and do things that investments aren’t supposed to do. And it’s laughing at us," I explained.
A more analytical take can be found today at Zerohedge. If you love charts, you'll love the post. Here's how it wraps up:
"As a percentage of assets, gold ownership remains negligible vis-à-vis assets such as equities and bonds. Ownership of gold is likely to be less than 2 percent of global investable assets. This is in marked contrast to the end of gold’s last bull market, when gold and gold stocks accounted for over 20 percent of global assets.
Gold remains badly analyzed, under-owned, and under-appreciated. This will change in the coming months and years, when the importance of gold as an investment and currency diversification and as a store of wealth is appreciated again."   LINK...