Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Case For Silver: A Simple Approach

By: Bosko Kacarevic

Like Rodney Dangerfield, Silver
"Gets NO Respect."

Over the past few years we have seen multi-decade highs in practically all commodities especially metals.

We have heard all the arguments about Gold; is it money or an ancient relic, Platinum; is it a precious metal or an industrial metal and of course Copper; the ultimate industrial metal. All three have significantly broken their 1980 high. So why does Silver "Get No Respect?"

(Prices are rough estimates)

Whether considered a monetary precious metal or an industrial metal, Silver is still lagging by 104%. Where does this number come from? The average percentage gain in Gold, Platinum and Copper since 1980. Whether or not this is an accurate way to measure the price of Silver, the fact remains that compared to its peers, Silver is lagging BIG TIME! Where will it go? We have heard estimates of $500/oz, but just to catch up to the performance of the other three metals we think it could easily reach $80/oz (104% of its 1980 high of $40) very quickly. When will this happen? No one really knows exactly, but you can be sure that Silver WILL "GET RESPECT" sooner rather than later. BK