Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poetic Confessions of a Banker

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People always wonder who's controlling our money from behind the scenes. We believe this video speaks the truth that has existed for hundreds of years.

The important thing to keep in mind is history, and the real reason why the United States of America was founded and what the "Declaration of Independence" was all about?
European's fled to America to preserve their culture and escape from tyranny, and to live as FREE men.
Of course the currency of the nation was backed by GOLD back then, and there was a reason for it. Gold keeps bankers and politicians honest and disciplined and keeps "the power" in the hands of the people!
Think about it, if the "internationalists" own the media, the politicians and the Gold then they always have the power. THEY don't want to lose that POWER so they always discount Gold ownership because they want it for themselves. If you have any doubt to this fact then please refer to history and realize that Gold has been a measure of wealth for almost 5000 years and it has outlasted EVERY government, currency and stock market that has EVER existed!   BK