Monday, September 13, 2010

The Commodities Bull Market Remains Strong

We have been in a general BULL market in commodities since about 1999 and it has clearly been identified by the declining USD and the continual rise in Gold and Silver. The base-metals, energy and grain markets have also been breaking all-time-highs over the past few years. Since China holds the manufacturing industry by the throat, the tranfer of wealth is sure to leave the western world and move East. This will cause a loss of confidence in the USD and a continuing decline in the standard of living in the West. The only protection against this development is the physical ownership of Gold and Silver because they act as your only insurance policy to preserve wealth and purchasing power. The western world MUST learn to SAVE, not consume with credit and live beyond ones means.  BK
Strong Chinese data boost base metals prices
By Javier Blas in London
Published: September 13 2010 11:14
Last updated: September 13 2010 11:14

Base metals prices surged on Monday after they were boosted by better-than-expected economic data in China, the world’s biggest importer of commodities such as copper.  LINK...